Monday, 18 June 2012

Garden Room Ordered

well after months of shopping around and hard saving we finally enough saved for a garden room from Oeco, we spen ages looking through the varying sizes of garden rooms that they offer, we had it down to around 2/3 sizes from the 10x5 or the 10x4 Canopy, mainly as the canopy does add a little extra but it looks o so much nicer. anyway we've oped for the canopy version and gone a little smaller.

There is bit of a waiting list but i'd rather have the garden till the end of summer and then have a nice external room for the beginning of winter. Then i can make it my own when the weather is poor, by giving it a lick of paint inside and putting stuff in it

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Good Service

The recent St Pancras hotel that i stayed at while i was in London, gave me a call the other day to say that they were doing a special offer for people that stayed there in the past few weeks and offering 50% off, so I've taken them up on the offer and i'm heading down on Friday for the weekend, i'm hoping that the weather will stay clear and possibly fine with a little warmth behind the sun.

I know that there's probably hundreds if not thousands of B&B London but i like to show some loyalty if i've been treated well before.

Speak Soon upon my return

Thursday, 12 April 2012


The other day i dropped my kitchen scales which broke the plastic front, so I've splashed out on a set of digital scales, they should be coming in a few days. They'll be more accurate but will i spend more time trying to get the weights right haha.

The scales have cost me around £30 from Shiva which is quite expensive for scales in my mind but if i have them for as long as i've had my currently scales then its not that bad.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


I'm looking to make a quick weekend break this weekend down to London the big smoke capital of the UK. but I'm left looking for a cheap hotel in London for Saturday night. there's quite a few cheaper bed and breakfast sort of places around and about London but its deciding where i want to be and go to which makes the choice of picking so much harder. i spent around 2 hours looking last night and it can be pretty tough going.

I've managed to get a fairly cheap train fair down to London which makes it worth wild and the fact the weather looks good makes it even better, I've got a thought that a St Pancras hotel will probably be the best for me to stay as its pretty central

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Garden Office

We've got a really boggy corner of the garden and its been bugging us all winter, so we have been stuck with what we can do in the corner, so we've been looking at a garden office to take place in the boggy corner, there seems to be lots of suppliers of these type of buildings although i think i have found the one i will use, Oeco supply build and install nationwide so it doesn't worry me that they are quite far away from me.

They've got a trendy little video on their website and the customer reviews look good.

Also they seem to have some of the best deals around, i just need to look into getting electricity to my garden, but other than that there isnt much to sort out at my end

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Inside Men BBC

The BBC have recently been showing a 3 or 4 part program called inside men. The short version of the story is the scene is set at a money warehouse and 2 guys start to take money and manage to get away without been noticed, eventually the boss works out it was one of them and then he grasses up his mate. They then proceed to ask the boss if he wants in on the deal saying they could get away with more money. Over the course of the follow on shows it was pretty good, but the ending was a complete let down and really spoil ed the whole thing. The boss guy drove back to the money warehouse with the case he had, bloke 1 did a runner in his car with his wife over a suspension bridge and the other guy well it didn't show him.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cold Weather

The cold weather really gets to me, you get misty windows on a morning so they need cleaning daily otherwise they go all manky and the mould starts to set in. The loft always seems to get condensation in it which drips on to the boards that are on a floor and anything else that's on those said boards. The bathroom never seems to dry out and the toilet cistern always has condensation forming on the outside of it. arggghhhhhh winter does my head in.and i cant wait for summer. Rant over