Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Inside Men BBC

The BBC have recently been showing a 3 or 4 part program called inside men. The short version of the story is the scene is set at a money warehouse and 2 guys start to take money and manage to get away without been noticed, eventually the boss works out it was one of them and then he grasses up his mate. They then proceed to ask the boss if he wants in on the deal saying they could get away with more money. Over the course of the follow on shows it was pretty good, but the ending was a complete let down and really spoil ed the whole thing. The boss guy drove back to the money warehouse with the case he had, bloke 1 did a runner in his car with his wife over a suspension bridge and the other guy well it didn't show him.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cold Weather

The cold weather really gets to me, you get misty windows on a morning so they need cleaning daily otherwise they go all manky and the mould starts to set in. The loft always seems to get condensation in it which drips on to the boards that are on a floor and anything else that's on those said boards. The bathroom never seems to dry out and the toilet cistern always has condensation forming on the outside of it. arggghhhhhh winter does my head in.and i cant wait for summer. Rant over

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is the latest flash game to hit the Internet and its already taking over with over 1 million searches been performed on Google.com monthly shortly followed by the uk with 800,000 monthly searches.

Kids at school are playing it and adults at work are playing nothing can stop the rampage that is happy wheels, more and More websites are putting the game on like arcade club house which currently has happy wheels as its most played game and most reviewed. There are other games out there like Drag Racer V3 which is one of the best car racing games and hotting up to take the racing world by storm.